2010 - 2013 GL5 / GREAT LAKES FIVE







For our students, an epic 2600km of discovery around one of our planet’s most spectacular watersheds!

En route, we visited the shores and sampled water from every Great Lake.

We also visited museums, explored National Parks and toured some of the most historic and culturally significant sites of our continent’s most important watershed. We learned about Great Lakes shipping, over fishing, invasive species, and threats caused by pollution, erosion, climate change and indifference. The largest source of available fresh water in the world, we learned first hand that the Great Lakes are truly a global treasure.

Education, conservation, awareness and proactive stewardship are the keys to the very survival of these magnificent bodies of water.

Are you doing your part?!


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45 years...

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West Wind originated as the senior campus of Dearcroft Montessori School (est. 1968), and acted as an independent preparatory day school program offering Senior Elementary (grades 4 – 6) and Junior High (grades 7/8).  In 2008, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Dearcroft Montessori, we combined as a single campus.  Our program is now fully operated from the Dearcroft campus at 1167 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville. 

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If you have any questions regarding our programs or would like to know more about West Wind, please feel free to contact us. You may email us at: contact@westwindms.com or contact our office by telephone for further information.

Address: 1167 Lakeshore Road East
  Oakville, Ontario
  L6J 1L3
Telephone: (905) 844-2114
Fax: (905) 844-3529
Directors: Lynda Phippen, B.A., AMI, AMS
  Gordon Phippen, B.Sc. AMS
Administrator: Catherine DeBorba, B.A.A.